Campaign against Cuba aims to justify further US sanctions

Blockade Cuba

Washington, Aug 15. The destabilization campaign currently promoted against Cuba aims to justify further sanctions against the Government, or any US warlike action regardless of the pain of Cubans, analysts confirm.

Whoever gives his opinion on Cuba, if he does not consider the consequences of Washington's punitive measures against the country for six decades, is only seeking to manipulate, says a commentary published in the Los Angeles-based La Opinion newspaper.

The article, written by journalist Agustin Duran, points out that this is the rhetoric encouraged by the media, uninformed columnists, sellouts or some complicit YouTubers, many of whom are from Miami, Florida.

Duran recalled how the White House reinforced the economic blockade against Cuba with the Torricelli and Helms-Burton acts in the 1990s, and President Donald Trump (2017-2021) added 243 measures, some of which were enforced amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to those sanctions, there are shortages of food, fuel, commodities and medical supplies, the reporter noted and wondered, 'How do Americans allow so and remain silent?'

Regarding President Joe Biden's policy, the journalist considers that he is failing to fulfill his campaign promise of reversing Trump's decisions by incorporating new restrictions in spite of the international community's rejection.

We cannot say that everything is being done well regarding Cuba, Duran said, and criticized the actions aimed at trying to undermine and affect any efforts by the Cuban Government to save its people from the pandemic.

(Tomado de Prensa Latina)