New US caravan against blockade against Cuba

New US caravan against blockade against Cuba

New US caravan against blockade against Cuba

The initiatives to demand the end of the United States blockade against Cuba will continue next Sunday with a new caravan in the US city of Miami, solidarity organizations said on Wednesday.

Groups of Cuban emigres who are members of the Alianza Martiana Coalition and other associations that are asking US President Joe Biden to lift the sanctions against the Caribbean island are among the promoters of this action.

The main coordinator of the Bridges of Love project, Carlos Lazo, posted on Facebook that they will return to the streets to demand the end of the hostile measures adopted by the White House, despite last Sunday's attacks on the caravan in Miami by fascist and intolerant individuals.

The activists also intend to continue raising funds for the purchase of syringes to support the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Cuba, where Washington's blockade limits access to medical supplies.

For several months, hundreds of people in various cities around the world have taken actions to demand the lifting of the sanctions, which were tightened during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, for the twenty-ninth time since 1992, the countries of the world categorically demanded at the United Nations General Assembly the lifting of the blockade.

A total of 184 UN member States supported a new resolution calling for the end to the blockade imposed by Washington for almost 60 years, while the United States and Israel voted against and remained isolated in the face of the demand from the overwhelming majority of the international community.

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