Like the virus, the blockade suffocates and kills and must stop!

Address by the minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez to present draft resolution “Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.” New York, June 23. 2021.

Your Excellency Mr. Chairman;

Your Excellencies Permanent Representatives;


Declaration of condemnation of the Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland against maneuvers in the European Parliament and in favor of the end of the blockade

A couple of months ago, Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland became aware that a small clandestine group of extremely right-wing MEPs held a series of zoom meetings in the European Parliament, while it was not in session, feigning that it was official business and invited other MEPS who were at this stage, during the Europe-wide pandemic restrictions, in their respective countries.

The European Parliament must condemn the inhuman blockade against Cuban people instead of weakening relations with Cuba

The European Left Party has become aware that a group of MEPs has included in the June 8 agenda of the plenary session of the European Parliament an item on the “Political situation and human rights in Cuba”, attempting to undermine relations between the European Union and Cuba.