Nigerian lawyer Femi Falana in solidarity with the Cuban people 

Nigerian lawyer Femi Falana in solidarity with the Cuban people 

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the signing of “Proclamation 3447 - Embargo on All Trade with Cuba” by President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Noted Nigerian human rights counsel Dr Femi Falana says it is time to call on all progressive forces in the world to mount pressure on the United States to end these illegal sanctions without any further delay. 

Cuban residents in Jamaica join the caravan condemning the blockade held against Cuba

Kingston, Jamaica, February 27, 2022. Directors and members of the "Antonio Maceo" Association of Cuban Residents in Jamaica and other members of the Cuban community joined a caravan of cars this Sunday morning in support of Cuba and against the inhuman economic, commercial and financial blockade maintained by the US government on the Greater Antilles.

Caravan drives through the streets of Kingston condemning the blockade held against Cuba

Kingston, Jamaica, 28 February 2022. This Sunday morning, Jamaican and Cuban friends residing in Jamaica staged a caravan of cars in support of Cuba and against the inhumane economic, commercial and financial blockade maintained by the US government on Cuba, the Largest Island in the Antilles.

Showing solidarity with Cuba continues despite US campaign

Havana, February 21. Cuba currently receives the international solidarity despite the media campaign against the Revolution and the blockade tightened by the United States.

Among the most recent examples of support to the people of the island is the process of collecting health materials organized by the Catalan solidarity platform Defensem Cuba and coordinated by the Committee of Solidarity with Central America of Prat and the Associació Nou Barris de Barcelona, in Prat de Llobregat.

The US embargo against Cuba turns 60 with no policy change on the horizon

In the middle of one of the worst economic crises in the history of Cuba, with the country in the grip of skyrocketing inflation and the shock to the system of the July 11 protests still fresh – at least 790 protesters are on trial, some of them accused of sedition – February 3 marked the 60th anniversary of then-US President J


During its visit to Cuba, the EL reaffirms its total opposition to the criminal and inhuman blockade imposed on Cuba and its people for 60 years by the United States. It calls for pressure on the latter to stop applying it and to establish relations based on mutual respect and non-interference with Cuba. Every year, the United Nations passes a resolution, supported by an overwhelming majority of countries, calling for an end to this embargo, which violates human rights.

Media Statement: Committee on International Relations Expresses Its Concern About US Embargo on Cuba

Parliament, Tuesday, 8 February 2022 – The 7th of February marked 60 years since the United States (US) has enforced its unilateral economic embargo against Cuba and which severely restricts the flow of goods to the island.

The extraterritorial laws of the US punish foreign companies that do business with Cuba. The United Nations General Assembly has consistently passed a resolution every year since 1992, demanding the end of the US economic embargo against Cuba.

Art and health from Guatemala for the end of US blockade on Cuba

Guatemala, Jan 31. From Guatemalan Kaqchiquel territory, art and health joined today in a bridge of love to Cuba and against the US blockade.

Community artists from San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango, and the Pueblo y Educación Popular group, together with Cuban doctors, staged a medical and mural day to pay tribute to the island’s medical brigades present in the country for 23 years.

They also recognized the health personnel who fight against Covid-19 and those who lost their lives due to the pandemic.