Serbian lawyer denounces US blockade against Cuba

Serbian lawyer Bojan Dragicevic

Belgrade, May 24. Serbian lawyer Bojan Dragicevic on Monday denounced the serious consequences of the US blockade against the Cuban people and demanded the immediate end of that policy that he described as criminal.

In statements sent to Prensa Latina, Dragicevic briefly recounted the six-decade history of the implementation of these restrictive laws and their harmful effects in all spheres of the Cuban life.

The lawyer recalled that in 1961, the United States Government extended the blockade against Cuba that affected vital basic products such as food and medicines, to underline that a country has been subjected since then to devastation.

Its consequences are personified in poverty and human suffering for an entire people, he stated.

Dragicevic contrasted that policy with Cuba's humanitarian actions, as during that time, tens of thousands of Cuban doctors, scattered around the world, are actively participating in the management of humanitarian crises.

This is the fight against contagious diseases, such as Ebola, swine flu or the current pandemic due to the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the Covid-19 disease, he said.

(From Prensa Latina)

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