Genesis of the U.S. Blockade against Cuba

On January 1st, 1959, the revolutionary struggle against the Cuban dictatorial regime ended victoriously. The revolutionary movement lead by Fidel Castro acceded to power.

The measures adopted by the Revolutionary Government to recover the Cuban wealth and destine it to the people constituted a mortal blow to the interests of the biggest North American monopolies which had plundered Cuban resources for more than half a century, and dominated the country.

The new authorities´ resolute will to act with total independence and to produce decisive economic and social changes in favor of the majority, constituted the detonating fact that reactivated the historic diferendo between both countries.

The United States´ response was fast and abusive from the first moment. The sanctions directed to fold the Revolution followed one after the other. It became a total blockade, an economic war the United States has imposed agaisnt Cuba during four decades. No matter these efforts the northamerican nation has not managed to recover the former hegemony it had in one of the Western Hemisphere´s preferred enclave. (Cubaminrex)

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