TKP Central Committee: We stand with the Cuban people

TKP Central Committee: We stand with the Cuban people

TKP Central Committee: We stand with the Cuban people

We stand with the Cuban people

The criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States has imposed on Cuba for more than 60 years has been further tightened during the pandemic, which is having increasingly devastating effects on the country’s economy. The stifling effects of the blockade on the Cuban economy are causing profound problems in two areas in particular, energy production and food supply. 

Before the eyes of the world, the Cuban people and their revolutionary will are being tamed by an energy crisis and hunger that threaten the entire economic functioning and social life. 

The terrible intentions of this genocidal policy, which risks condemning the population to misery in order to destroy the Cuban revolution, have once again become clear in recent days.

Cubans, justifiably frustrated by the consequences of this policy, which makes all aspects of daily life increasingly difficult, and eager to express their expectations for more effective solutions to the problems they face, have organized street demonstrations in some neighborhoods of Santiago de Cuba. These demonstrations, which the central and local representatives of the Cuban revolutionary government, as part of their responsibilities, immediately showed interest in, accompanied, listened to and developed the dialogue, transmitted and discussed the solution efforts underway, were immediately tried to distort, manipulate and turn into the occasion of an anti-revolutionary uprising by the counter-revolutionary gangs nestled in the United States. The US embassy in Havana also issued messages openly interfering in the country’s internal affairs, exposing once again the political focus behind the attempt to turn the problems into a provocation. 

The behavior of the U.S. embassy once again disregarded all international diplomatic rules and trends; but beyond all this, it is hypocritical and shameless. It is immoral for the U.S. government, which has clearly stated in its official documents that the objective of the blockade policy is “to push the Cuban people into misery and thus destroy the revolution”, to say that it is concerned about the human rights of the Cuban people.

The United States does not have the right to say a single word or express “concern” for the human rights of the Cuban people without abolishing this policy of genocide against the Cuban people. Anyone who ignores the depth of the blockade policy imposed on Cuba and does not raise his or her voice to put an end to this terrible policy does not have the ethical authority to make irresponsible comments and come to abbreviated conclusions about the revolutionary will of the Cuban people and government.

The social unity of the Cuban people, based on the foundations of transparency, sincerity and solidarity, is capable of finding its own peaceful solution in these difficult days.

As the Communist Party of Turkey, we condemn the immoral policies of the United States that subject the Cuban people and the Cuban revolution to a new and difficult test every day, and we express once again our conviction that Cuba will come out of this test with unity and progress, as it has done with all the struggles of the past.

The Communist Party of Turkey stands with the Cuban people and its revolutionary leadership, the Communist Party of Cuba.

Down with the U.S. blockade!

Long live the unity and revolutionary will of socialist Cuba!

Long live international revolutionary solidarity!

Communist Party of Turkey

The Central Committee


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